Ceiling Mounted Desiccant
Rotor Multifunctional Dehumidifier

Solution to Your Humidity Problem for Small Spaces



Ceiling Mounted Desiccant Rotor
Multifunctional Dehumidifier

6 Powerful Functions For
Protecting Your Living Spaces

Cool Air Dehumidification

Dehumidification while maintaining ambient room temperature and conserving energy. Suitable for all seasons, but a must for hot humid summers!

Enhanced Dehumidification

Increased dehumidification capacity while circulating warm air back into the room. Especially good for those wet and cold winter climates.

Smart Room Heating

Smart room heating to help enhance your bathing experience

Smart Clothes Drying

Drying your clothes by evaporating the moisture on your clothes and expelling the moisture out of the room

Air Circulation Indoor Air

Recirculating indoor air to every corner of the room so air does not become stagnant

Air Circulation Vent Air

Suitable for removing odor and water vapor after showers

Unprecedented Safety Design
Unparalleled Peace of Mind

Self-Resettable Thermal Fuse

System wide short-circuit protection fuse

High Quality FR-4 Grade PCB

Build with Thermoplastic Materials

Intelligent Software System Wide Safety Safeguards

IPX2 Water Resistant Rating

DC PWM Brushless Motor with Over-Temperature & Over-Current Protection

PTC Dual Channel Ceramic Heater with Protection Fuse

European VDE Safety Certified AC Relay

Industiral AC Power Supply with OVP (Over-Voltage Protection) & OCP (Over-Current Protection)

Friendly Control Interface Simplifies User Experience

HumiDry® Enhanced and Standard model offer two types of control interface options. The Wall Touch Panel type is equipped tempered glass, touch sense interface, crystal clear LCD screen and backlit touch sense buttons. The infrared remote control type is made of impact resistant ABS plastic and durable high transparency PC plastic with crystal clear LCD screen, with unique bidirectional infrared transceiver.

The arrangement of the buttons and the control interface is designed to simplify the user experience, one simple touch automatically takes care of indoor environment needs.

* Available for purchase bundled with Wall Touch Panel or Infrared Remote Control
*Closet Model incorporates Cool Air Dehumidification and operates only Automated intelligent Humidity Control mode. (Neither Wall Touch Panel nor Infrared Remote Control

Ultra-Low Humidity Capability Suitable for Any Design Requirement

ProCozy® Professional Humidity Control and Air Purifying System Supports relative humidity range from≤1%RH~ 70%RH, not only for normal household and office space, but also suitable for dressing room, private collections, electronics storage, file storage, hotels, etc. Our system is also suitable for laboratories, manufacturing plants, and other professional applications, which require more stringent humidity control.



Fully functioned, perfect for wide range of locations. Incorporates Cool Air Dehumidification, Enhanced Dehumidification, Smart Clothes Drying, Smart Room Heating, Air Ventilation, and Air Recirculation. Choose from bundled with Wall Touch Panel type or bundled with Infrared Remote Control type.


Ideal for hot and humid locations. Incorporates Cool Air Dehumidification, Air Ventilation, and Air Recirculation. Choose from bundled with Wall Touch Panel type or bundled with Infrared Remote Control type.


Great for closet and storage locations. Incorporates Cool Air Dehumidification and operates only in Automated Intelligent Humidity Control mode. Unit is ready to plug and play, connects directly to power switch, and greatly simplifies installation and usage, if automated dehumidification is the only function needed.


ProCozy® Professional Humidity Control and Air Purifying System

Exclusive Cool Air Dehumidification Technology
Automatic 24-hr Monitoring
DC Inverter Brushless Motor
Multiple Safety Features
Omnidirectional Air Recirculation Design
Filter Cleaning Reminder
Clean Wall Touch Panel Design
Smart Home Ready (Optional)
Remote Control Option for Your Benefit
Excellent for Odor Control
True Dehumidification without Decanting
High Capacity Dehumidification for a Peace of Mind
Smart Room Heating