IoT Air-Control System

Complement daily lives in the era of digital transformation

IoT Integrated IAQ Monitoring and Control System

for Sustainable Buildings, Smart Offices and Homes

With the innovation of integrative ambient air control being our prime pursuit, Airemeco has a smart air-control system developed in-house, to complement our daily lives in the era of digital transformation. Airemeco’s individual smart controller is able to integrate with our Central Monitoring System (CMS) via RS485, achieving the goal of convenient air control at one place. Real-time data from our smart controller can also be integrated to your existing building management system (BMS), uploaded to your local server and cloud computing platform for personalised monitoring and controlling, suited to your application. 

Airemeco’s smart air-control system includes a wide range of IoT-based air sensors and transmitters that monitor and regulate the indoor air quality, to achieve the benefits of convenience, energy savings, increased comfort, demand forecasting and predictive maintenance.